A is for artist

3 October 2020

This is one of my first paintings. I can still remember my (artist) mother’s well-meaning lectures about horizon, perspective and chiaroscuro. I also remember she wasn’t a fan of my railroad track fence (my six-year-old thought it was pretty good!). She couldn’t resist adding her own snippet of a fence (and date) in the bottom right corner. I had probably wandered off by then.

I haven’t painted much in my adult life – more for lack of time rather than lack of interest. But a creative urge has always been my driving force. Recently, I picked up a pen and started sketching. In my new weekly challenge (driven by COVID-19 and the need to decompress at times), I sketch the first thing that comes into my mind. Only sixty seconds are alloted for the task, and no changes or erasing is allowed.

This is my first sketch (there’s that perspective thing again).

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