The Trouble in Tune Town

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by Maura Pierlot, Sophie Norsa (Illustrator)

ISBN: 9781925545333
Children’s picture book, hardback (32 pp)
Published by Little Steps (August 2017)

Many parents encourage their children to learn a musical instrument. Maura Pierlot’s own children started music lessons at an early age, but never really enjoyed practising their instruments, often becoming frustrated when they couldn’t play the right notes.

Maura thought learning a song should focus less on playing the notes correctly and more on experiencing and enjoying the music. This was the inspiration for The Trouble in Tune Town, Maura’s first picture book, and its heartfelt message: If you’re having fun, then you’re playing all right.

In The Trouble in Tune Town, Meg is Tune Town’s best music performer, but she’s having trouble rehearsing. So much trouble, in fact, that the notes have run right off the sheet!

Can Meg find the notes in time for her big concert? Or are they closer to home than she thought?

A colourful book for musiclovingandlearning kids of all ages.


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Customers who bought this book said…

A delightful and clever story that will inspire any young musician. Such joy!
– S Weaver, Canberra

Rhyming text and flowing illustrations tell the story with a musicality that will appeal to kids and adults. A glossary ensures you’ll learn about music too.
– Alison H, Blue Mountains

The Trouble in Tune Town is an entertaining musical story that will appeal to anyone who plays or loves music. The rhythmic writing and beautiful illustrations make this book engaging and fun for everyone. We can’t wait to share it with our students who are sure to love it!
– K Firkins, Program Manager, Music for Canberra

This clever book is about so much more than music. Its enchanting words, vibrant colours and entertaining rhythm encourage kids to try their best at everything they do while remembering to have fun!
– D Kelleher, Boston


Online book reviewers said …








The engaging story cleverly integrates musical concepts, whilst bringing children on a fun musical journey towards Tune Town’s big concert… I love the positive theme and subtle educational components interspersed through the book. Key musical terminology is highlighted in different fonts and colours, with a glossary at the back
for those who want to further explore their meanings.
– Kids’ Book Review

The Trouble in Tune Town is a delightfully upbeat, dynamic and reassuring story with fun, quirky and alluring concepts to encourage music and instrument exploration. Any music enthusiast from age three will actively sing out for this book time and time again.
– Just Write for Kids Australia

This delightful story is everything a children’s book should be; it’s colorful, creative, fun to read, and beautifully illustrated… Additionally, the book reassures young readers, “If you’re having fun, then you’re playing all right.” This is such a valuable lesson in today’s performance-oriented society where even young children may feel the pressure to succeed.
I can’t think of a thing I dislike about this fun book!
– (USA)

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